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Wholesale Seafood from the Carolina Shores

Get the best in fresh and local seafood from Barbary Fish Co. Our company specializes in providing wholesale seafood to restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and country clubs throughout the Carolinas.

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Fresh, Local Seafood

To ensure that your purchase is always fresh for the best taste for your customers, we utilize local boats that drop anchor within a mile of our fish house. Our company also gets fish from local commercial fishermen. We always acquire the product when it is coming off the boat to ensure that it is as fresh as possible. Popular choices we have available include:

  • Shrimp
  • Grouper
  • Swordfish
  • Snapper
  • Oysters
  • Flounder
  • Triggerfish
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Crab
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo

Imported Fresh Seafood

We import fresh seafood from all over the globe. Our company has everything from Alaskan halibut and wild salmon to South American swordfish, tuna, and grouper. We also import fresh seafood from Central America and the Caribbean.

Frozen Seafood Products

Barbary Fish Co. has a diverse selection of frozen seafood from which to choose. Available wholesale and competitively priced, these frozen seafood products come from all over the globe, as well as locally.

Smoked Seafood

We have smoked seafood that we produce locally. Our high-quality smoked trout, mullet, mackerel, and tuna is available for wholesale prices.

Fish Ready to be Cleaned, Fisherman Holding a Swordfish, and Fisherman In a Boat